Kesha's 'so full of light' after avoiding trial in long-running legal battle with Dr. Luke

Years, after allegations of rape were first made by Kesha against Dr. Luke, the singer and record producer settled their long-running court fight weeks before it was set to go to trial.



Kesha and Dr. Luke settled their long-running court fight weeks before it was set to go to trial
Kesha and Dr. Luke settled their long-running court fight weeks before it was set to go to trial

Kesha is "so full of light" after she and Dr. Luke settled their long-running legal battle before it went to trial.

The ‘My First Kiss’ singer, 36, and the 49-year-old music producer had been locked in a legal dispute after she filed a lawsuit accusing him of drugging and raping her after a party, prompting Dr. Luke – who denied the allegation – to file a defamation case.

However, they released a joint statement last week, declaring: “Kesha and Dr Luke have agreed to a resolution of the lawsuit, and have agreed to issue and post a joint statement regarding that resolution.”

Kesha added: “Only God knows what happened that night. As I have always said, I cannot recount everything that happened.

“I am looking forward to closing the door on this chapter of my life and beginning a new one.

“I wish nothing but peace to all parties involved.”

And Luke - whose birth name is Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald - maintained his innocence in his statement below Kesha’s message.

He said: “While I appreciate Kesha again acknowledging that she cannot recount what happened that night in 2005, I am absolutely certain that nothing happened.

“I never drugged or assaulted her and would never do that to anyone.

“For the sake of my family, I have vigorously fought to clear my name for nearly 10 years.

“It is time for me to put this difficult matter behind me and move on with my life. I wish Kesha well.”

Kesha had claimed Dr. Luke’s alleged attack came after a party in 2005.

She said he had been sexually, physically and verbally abusive during the decade-long period they worked together, and that his behaviour sparked her eating disorders.

Her suit also alleged the singer had been abused to the point where she “nearly lost her life”.

Dr. Luke claimed Kesha had legally defamed him with a “false and shocking” allegation that he drugged and raped her.

He said she made the claims against him as leverage to secure a more lucrative deal – which the singer denied, arguing the producer’s defamation case was an effort to silence a victim.

And now, she's thanked her loyal supporters for keeping her going through it all.

She tweeted this week: “I am humbled and in awe of the support and love y’all have given me.

“You have held me and carried me through the past nine years.

“I am so full of light and excitement for the beautiful things to come, for shows to play, and art to make to share with you all.”

Addressing her fans directly, she added: “Animals, ‘I don’t need much but there’s one thing I can’t lose. All I need is you.’”