Lionesses star in Disney animation to encourage young girls into football

Alex Scott narrates the re-telling of the Disney classic 'Cinderella'.



'Ella: A Modern Day Fairytale' is out now on YouTube
'Ella: A Modern Day Fairytale' is out now on YouTube

Lioness legend and broadcaster, Alex Scott, is the narrator of a new Disney short film to inspire young girls to take up football.

England Senior Women players, Leah Williamson, Lucy Bronze and Lauren James, have been animated for the retelling of Disney classic 'Cinderella' and appear as the ‘three Lioness Godmothers' in Disney and England Football's 'Ella: A Modern Day Fairytale'. The animation showcases 'Shooting Stars' - "a Disney-inspired programme for primary school-aged girls, supporting them to develop fundamental movement skills and introducing them to football through Disney storytelling."

It tells the story of Ella, a primary school girl who follows her passion to play football, overcoming barriers along the way. She receives help from her ‘three Lioness Godmothers’."

The intention is to show that the sport is for "everyone" and to "inspire girls to give football a go in the playground at school or at their local club."

Nicole Morse, VP of Brand and Franchise Marketing, Disney EMEA, said: “Disney is so proud of the Shooting Stars programme. To see our characters having a real impact and being a force for good to help young girls begin a love of football, as well as get active and develop the confidence that Shooting Stars gives, is wonderful. The programme has been a great success, and this brilliant new take on a Disney classic in inspiring Ella: A Modern Day Fairytale will help spread the word of Shooting Stars meaning even more girls will benefit from it.”

The FA’s Head of Development, Louise Gear, said: "As a mum, I'm really excited that we're able to work with our partner Disney on bringing to life a much-loved classic film in Ella: A Modern Day Fairytale. Football is a game for all and Disney-inspired Shooting Stars aims to provide opportunities for girls in schools up and down the country to play the game they love from an early age. Ella: A Modern Day Fairytale highlights the barriers that many girls face when trying to play football, and ahead of a huge summer for women's and girls' football, we hope this not only inspires more girls to have the courage to play, but changes perceptions in the playground.”

Printed versions will be distributed for free to primary schools up and down the country from September.

Since launching four years ago, the 'Shooting Stars' programme has seen over 70,000 girls take part in over 3,600 schools across the UK.

Using the magic of Disney storytelling from films such as 'The Incredibles 2', 'Frozen 2', 'Toy Story 4', 'Aladdin' and 'Guardians of the Galaxy', 'Shooting Stars' enables teachers to bring the magic of Disney to the playground.

The film comes ahead of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, which kicks off in Auckland on July 20.

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