Andrew Barth Feldman's generation 'are constantly fighting fear'

Andrew Barth Feldman has revealed that he can relate to his 'No Hard Feelings' character.



Andrew Barth Feldman can relate to his on-screen character
Andrew Barth Feldman can relate to his on-screen character

Andrew Barth Feldman thinks his generation are constantly fighting "fear and comparison".

The 21-year-old actor stars alongside Jennifer Lawrence in the new coming-of-age rom-com 'No Hard Feelings', and Andrew has admitted to relating to the struggles of his on-screen character.

The actor - who plays the part of Percy, who is seduced by an older women played by Jennifer - told Sky News: "My generation - and we see this so much with Percy - we're the first generation that was born with iPhones in our hands. And so there is just a sense of compulsion and fear and comparison that is so constant with us."

Andrew's on-screen character has an unhealthy obsession with his phone.

The actor explained: "[Percy] is stuck in this bubble - the world outside is all on his phone and his parents want to bubble-wrap him and he hates it, but it's safe for him; but he needs to break out, he needs to learn that he can make his own decisions and truthfully, put the phone down for a little bit."

The movie was actually inspired by a Craigslist advert, which was written by parents who were seeking a woman to seduce their introverted son.

Jennifer, 32 - whose character seduces Percy in a bid to overcome her own financial troubles - actually discussed the advert while eating dinner with director Gene Stupnitsky, and the duo found themselves laughing about the idea.

The Oscar-winning actress shared: "He showed me the Craigslist ad and we were just laughing about it.

"Our whole dinner was just talking about the kind of people who would write the ad - and so that's kind of in my mind where I thought he would go with the movie."