Emily Blunt sometimes forgives people 'too quickly'

'Mary Poppins Returns' star Emily Blunt admits she sometimes forgives people "too quickly" but she'd rather "let things go".



Emily Blunt doesn't hold grudges
Emily Blunt doesn't hold grudges

Emily Blunt has admitted she sometimes forgives people "too quickly".

The 40-year-old star has admitted she is "hard to offend", which has made her an ideal cast member for directors or fellow actors looking to avoid on set drama, and she has learned to "let things go".

She told Candis magazine: "It's really hard to offend me.

"I'm not somebody who likes to dwell on things or stew and stay angry - I just find that a really uncomfortable way to be.

"I'm a quick recoverer and I tend to forgive very quickly - maybe sometimes too quickly! But then, you learn with age - who cares about that stuff?

"It's much easier to just let things go."

A big part of her easy going attitude is her marriage to 'The Office' actor John Krasinski, who has a similar outlook.

The couple were introduced by a friend at a restaurant in 2008, got engaged in 2009 and then got married at George Clooney's house the following year.

As well as having "complete trust" in her husband, Emily also admitted she is "a sucker for funny".

She said: "For me, marriage is when the party begins. I think you know when someone is right for you, and John just feels right for me.

"He's very loving and very stable, which suits me perfectly - I've never cultivated drama in my relationships with anyone, let alone my husband.

"I'm also a sucker for funny, and he's the funniest person I know.

"He makes me laugh more than anyone on the planet, but he also has a sort of... oceanic... understanding of me, and I have completely trust in him, uncompromising trust and love. That's the root of it all."

Meanwhile, John previously admitted that Emily has played a huge part in his success.

The actor - who has daughters Hazel and Violet with the actress - told Parade.com: "I wouldn't be anywhere in my life without her.

"On a daily basis, but certainly in a career-wise, as a dad, she pushes me to be better every single day at everything I do. So I look forward to the next day cause I know it'll be better than the one before."