I hate watching myself on screen, says Bill Hader

Hollywood star Bill Hader has revealed that he hates watching himself in films and TV shows.



Bill Hader doesn't like watching himself on screen
Bill Hader doesn't like watching himself on screen

Bill Hader hates watching himself on screen.

The 44-year-old actor has starred in a string of hit movies during his career, including 'Superbad', 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' and 'Trainwreck' - but Bill still hates seeing himself on the big screen.

Asked if he struggles with body image, Bill told The Independent: "You know, you have to watch yourself on screen. And that’s no fun, just in general. I don’t like the way I sound. I don’t like the way I look. It’s just embarrassing.

"But I’ll be 45 in two months, so the weight thing is more of a health thing now. You go to a doctor and they say, ‘At this age and height, you should weigh this.'"

Bill first rose to prominence as a cast member on 'Saturday Night Live', the long-running comedy sketch show.

The actor can still remember feeling uncomfortable about his on-screen appearance during his early years on the show.

He said: "I wasn’t used to seeing myself on screen – you go, ‘God I look terrible,’ so you start exercising and jogging and stuff. I still ate like s***, though."

Bill actually suffered from anxiety and panic attacks during his time on 'Saturday Night Live'.

And despite the acclaim he's received over recent years, his off-screen issues haven't eased at all.

Bill - who starred on the comedy show between 2005 and 2013 - said sarcastically: "I got that review, and I was like, ‘You know what? My anxiety went away.’ I got an award and walked off stage, and went, ‘Wow. I’m not on fire any more.’

"No, I do have very bad stage fright, and I do get very, very anxious before I have to go in front of a group of people."