Elijah Wood becomes a dad for the second time

Elijah Wood has revealed that he became a dad for the second time in 2022.



Elijah Wood has become a dad for the second time
Elijah Wood has become a dad for the second time

Elijah Wood and his partner Mette-Marie Kongsved welcomed their second baby last year.

The 42-year-old actor has revealed that the loved-up couple quietly welcomed their second child in 2022.

Asked about his average day, Elijah told the Wall Street Journal newspaper: "We've got a three-year-old son and a 14-month-old daughter, and she wakes us up pretty early. I like getting up early, I like starting the day."

The movie star - who is best known for playing Frodo Baggins in 'The Lord of the Rings' film franchise - and his kids always eat breakfast together, with Elijah serving them "oatmeal with various spices, peanut butter and fruit - banana, apples, blackberries. I also really like overnight oats or muesli with yogurt, and I sometimes eat that with them."

The actor has been with Mette-Marie since 2018, and Elijah has confessed to loving the challenge of parenthood.

He said: "You're constantly being challenged, in the best way."

Elijah has made a concerted effort to keep his personal life out of the spotlight over recent years.

The actor has even kept his Instagram account private, in a bid to protect his family from outside interest.

Speaking about his approach to social media, Elijah explained: "I wanted to be able to share photos that I didn't necessarily want to share with the world. An account that's public-facing would really change what I share.

"It's not like I'm sharing anything that I wouldn't want to go out, but I'm a relatively private person."

Meanwhile, Elijah previously revealed that he feels "protective" towards child stars.

The Hollywood star rose to fame as a child actor, starring in a host of big-budget movies, and Elijah revealed that he's keen to protect child actors.

He explained: "If there were a situation where it felt like someone wasn’t as together, or maybe was more in their infancy, maybe I would feel a sense of protectiveness, just from one human being to another."