Zach Braff covered himself in tattoos after his dad's death

Actor/moviemaker Zach Braff has admitted he turned to a tattoo artist when he was grieving his father and covered himself in tributes to those he had lost



Zach Braff went 'crazy' with tattoos after his dad's death
Zach Braff went 'crazy' with tattoos after his dad's death

Zach Braff covered himself in tattoos after his dad's death.

The 'Scrubs' star lost his father and his sister within months of each other back in 2018 and was plunged back into mourning again in 2020 with the death of his close friend Nick Cordero and Zach has now revealed he inked a number of tributes to his lost loved ones on his arms as part of the grieving process.

In an interview with The Independent newspaper, he explained: "My father abhorred tattoos. But then he died and I went kind of crazy.

"My tattoos are mostly related to dying, and people that I’ve lost."

Zach had an image of Cordero dancing inked on his arm and says it's a tribute to the late actor, who died aged 41 after a battle with COVID-19 in the summer of 2020.

The actor said of the poignant tattoo: "This is my friend Nick Cordero, who died of Covid. We did a musical together called 'Bullets Over Broadway', and this is the happiest I remember him."

He added of the tragedies that have befallen him: "The losses I’ve endured … there were so many moments where I felt like things couldn’t get any worse."

Zach has poured much of his grief into the script for his new movie 'A Good Person' - which stars his ex-girlfriend Florence Pugh - and he previously revealed he was drawn to addressing his sadness onscreen.

He told Entertainment Weekly: "I was just overcome with not only experiencing grief myself, but experiencing how the people closest to the grief were able to stand back up after the tragedy. And so that's what I really wanted to write about ... Some of it is heartbreaking, but I also wanted to write about it with my own style, which is to find the humour in it all. I have a very funny family, and we always find a way to laugh our way through things, even the painful things."