Miley Cyrus ‘releasing new album packed with break-up songs’

Miley Cyrus is said to be planning to bring out a surprise follow up to her eighth album ‘Endless Summer Vacation’ that will be packed with break-up songs.



Miley Cyrus is reportedly releasing a new album packed with break-up songs
Miley Cyrus is reportedly releasing a new album packed with break-up songs

Miley Cyrus is reportedly releasing a new album packed with break-up songs.

The pop superstar, 30, whose exes include actor Liam Hemsworth, has just brought out her eighth album, ‘Endless Summer Vacation’, but is said to be ready to release a second volume of the record in the next few months.

It’s thought the album will feature more autobiographical tracks and a remix of Miley’s No1 smash ‘Flowers’, according to The Sun.

A source told the newspaper: “Miley wrote so many amazing songs for the album and it quickly became clear just a standard record would be a waste.

“Initially the plan was to call the album ‘Endless Summer Vacation Volume 1’ but then it was decided a surprise drop would be better.”

The insider added the new tracks being kept ultra-secret, and highlighted how rumours about Miley’s plans for the new release after her actress sister Brandi Cyrus, 35, said about ‘Endless Summer Vacation’: “My favourite song is actually not on here, it will be coming out later.”

They continued: “Last year Miley had a few leaks in terms of music so the past few months has been a total lockdown with everything on a need-to-know basis.

“Even some in her wider team were kept in the dark about what was on ‘Endless Summer Vacation’.

“Her inner circle had managed to keep things under wraps but Brandi’s comment has given the game away.

“As with Endless Summer Vacation the next release is very autobiographical and covers the breakdown of her relationship with Liam Hemsworth and finding love again with (current partner) Maxx Morando.”

Miley’s move will echo the tactic of putting out surprise releases by the likes of Beyoncé, 41, and Taylor Swift, 33, who have also taken aim at partners and exes in their songs.

Miley was said to have targeted her ex-husband Liam, who she married in 2018 before they divorced two years later, in lyrics on her track ‘Muddy Feet ft SIA’ – though she doesn’t name the actor on the song.

She sang: “Get the f*** out of my house with that s*** / Get the f*** out of my life with that s***.”