Stassi Schroeder dreams of having more kids

Stassi Schroeder has revealed that she'd like to have more children.



Stassi Schroeder wants to have more kids
Stassi Schroeder wants to have more kids

Stassi Schroeder wants to have a "s*** ton of children".

The 34-year-old TV star is currently pregnant with her second child, and she remains keen to have even more kids with her husband Beau Clark.

Stassi - who already has Hartford, two, with Beau - told Us Weekly: "It is my fantasy to have a s*** ton of children, a lot of them.

"But children are really expensive. I’m discovering as life goes on - they’re very expensive and I feel like they’re the most time-consuming thing in the entire world."

Despite this, Stassi insists she won't be rushing into any big decisions.

She said: "When I think about what I want my children’s lives to be like, I want to be able to devote so much attention to each of them and give them as much as possible.

"I’m like, ‘If I had a third, how would I give that one as much attention as these other two?’ So at this point, I feel like two is a great number for me, but never say never because I might wake up one day and decide today’s the day. You never know."

Meanwhile, Stassi previously suggested that pregnancy saved her from turning to alcohol and drugs after her firing from 'Vanderpump Rules'.

The reality star was axed from the show amid accusations of racism and Stassi admitted that her pregnancy news came at the perfect time for her.

She said: "I think [it] made me so much better to be pregnant while I was going through a hard time.

"If I wasn’t pregnant, I probably would have just like … gone to alcoholism, Xanax. I would have lashed out, dark passenger-ed. And I think our baby 100 percent saved me."