Rachel Bilson obtains restraining order against alleged stalker

Rachel Bilson has obtained a three-year restraining order against an alleged stalker, who reportedly tried to break into her Los Angeles home on "multiple occasions".



Rachel Bilson
Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson has obtained a restraining order against an alleged stalker.

The 41-year-old actress was reportedly granted the protective order against a 40-year-old male referred to in court documents as "Clyde," who she alleges has tried to break into her Los Angeles home on "multiple occasions".

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline: "He has shown up on multiple occasions to her home where she and her daughter reside. He has also researched and found the listed parties’ phone numbers and called multiple times attempting to reach (Bilson), where he refers to her as his ‘future wife.'”

Rachel said: "There have been many incidents, messages on social media, letters but most alarmingly, there have been multiple attempts to visit, come into my home.

"He refers to me as ‘baby’ and calls me his ‘future wife’ and indicates that he believes I am pregnant with his child. I have never met him and have absolutely no intention of doing so.”

Her lawyer added: "He has made comments that [Bilson] is ‘p****** him off and making him angry. He lives in Georgia and has driven across the country on multiple occasions and has shown up at Bilson’s family home where she is raising her eight-year-old daughter. He continues to show up at the home and writes delusional letters, even while on bail."

Rachel detailed on incident from November 2021, when she claims "he called many of my family members, left voicemails claiming to be my future husband, and introduced himself. This was very scary because he went to the trouble to find out the names and contact information of many of my family members and actually reach out to them as well. I took this as a threat to me and to them".

Rachel shares eight-year-old daughter Briar Rose Christensen, with her ex Hayden Christensen.

The three-year restraining order - which will remain in place until February 9, 2026 - bars "Clyde" from coming within 100 yards of Rachel or her daughter and from contacting or harassing Rachel in any way.