Dungeons and Dragons returns in 2023

'Dungeons and Dragons' is set to make a comeback in March 2023.



Dungeons and Dragons is making a comeback
Dungeons and Dragons is making a comeback

'Dungeons and Dragons' is poised to return with a new four-issue comic.

The iconic cartoon - which was based on a role-playing game of the same name - originally aired on CBS between 1983 and 1985, and it's now been confirmed that 'Dungeons and Dragons: Saturday Morning Adventures' will land on shelves in March 2023.

IDW - which will publish the four-issue mini-series - said: "Danger lurks at every turn, the enigmatic Dungeon Master is less than helpful, and Venger - the force of evil - will stop at nothing to get his hands on the magical weapons that the kids have come to rely on.

"To top it off, Hank has made a startling discovery: despite the dangers, Sheila, Bobby, Diana, and the others aren’t so sure they want to go home after all!"

David M Booher revealed that he jumped at the chance to write the new series.

He told CBR.com: "As a kid, I would wake up on Saturday morning, pour a bowl of cartoon-themed cereal, and plop myself in front of the 'Dungeons and Dragons' cartoon.

"When IDW approached me about writing 'Saturday Morning Adventures', there was no chance I was passing up the opportunity to help this 'Dungeons and Dragons' party face Venger once more."

Sam Maggs - who is the co-writer - is also thrilled to be working on the miniseries.

Sam said: "As a lifelong 'Dungeons and Dragons' fan, it is an absolute dream to get to work reviving a childhood classic.

"It’s been such a blast working with IDW and the fine folks at Wizards of the Coast to home in on what made the 'Dungeons and Dragons' Saturday morning cartoon such a cult favourite. Setting these characters up for a whole new run of stories has truly been a career highlight."