Katie Price can't buy bras for her super-sized boobs

Former glamour model Katie Price has revealed she struggles to buy bras after undergoing multiple boob jobs over the years.



Katie Price can't find bras big enough for her boobs
Katie Price can't find bras big enough for her boobs

Katie Price struggles to buy bras for her super-sized boobs after undergoing multiple surgeries over the years.

The 45-year-old former glamour girl is believed to have undergone around 17 operations on her breasts over the years after having her first boob job as a teenage model and she has now admitted she's "the biggest I've ever been" but it's left her unable to buy underwear that fits.

During an appearance on the 'Straight To The Comments!' podcast, Katie explained: "They’ve [my breasts] got their own story; you’d have to google it.

"They used to be called Billy and Bob when I did Loaded back in the day. I don't know [how many surgeries I've had] I even Googled it. This is the biggest I've ever been. I just know my implant size is 2,150cc normally women have 275 to 400cc."

When asked to share her bra size, Katie replied: "I don’t know because I did this as well. I went round all of these different bra shops because you can get measured.

"I was a different size in every single one. I know that in Ann Summers, I was like a 32 Double H. In Victoria's Secret, they don't even go anywhere near mine, they don't even do a bra."

She was then asked if her big boobs get in the way, and Katie explained: "No, I think, because I've had a boob job since I was 18 it’s just normal."

Katie no longer strips for glamour shoots, but she does shed her clothes for saucy content on OnlyFans.

Elsewhere in the podcast, Katie admitted she is keen to continue taking raunchy snaps. She said: "I love it! I miss doing the [glamour] photoshoots so I do it on OnlyFans. You get new customers - I say customers - and also people from the Jordan days as well. It's the same as what I used to do. "

The Page 3 legend insisted she doesn't do full frontal nudity on the platform and even though it can be incredibly lucrative, adding: "I still do topless but if I'm naked, you still don't see anything. I don't get my panani out or anything but some people do on there. You make a fortune!

"But do you know what it is? I just love doing the photoshoot. That's what I used to do and I miss it. I just love getting my kit off in front of the camera, you can't take that away from me. I love it."