Popular adult star Belle Delphine wishes she could remove all her explicit content

Belle Delphine wishes she could simply vanish from the online world.



Belle Delphine wants to vanish from adult sites
Belle Delphine wants to vanish from adult sites

Popular adult star Belle Delphine has admitted she wants to delete all her content.

The 24-year-old South African-born British media personality, pornographic actress, model, and YouTuber - who dabbles in cosplay and court controversy with her satirical Pornhub account and selling her "GamerGirl Bath Water" online - realised she could earn a hell of a lot of money from posting sexual content.

And so she took things to the extreme, uploading increasingly more risque videos and photos online.

Appearing on 'The Louis Theroux Podcast', she said: “I think I really blew up when I changed my content to become sexual. And it's pretty much as soon as I did that I was like, ‘OK, I'm maybe there's something in this, maybe I can take this seriously.

“‘Let me see what I can do if I start maybe pushing it to lingerie pictures,’ because realistically that’s what people are going to pay for.”

Belle - whose real name is Mary-Belle Kirschner - claims to have earned £1 million a month from her saucy content and alleged she made a whopping £5 million from her first post.

However, it has costed her her relationship with her father and led to stalkers turning up to her house and death threats.

Belle revealed a man left a note on her front door saying, "pay your taxes", and her mother, who was living with her, found it and asked what it was about.

He then posted photographs of her house on the forum 4Chan, which she found "very scary and unhinged".

She went to the police and they blurred out her home on Google maps.

They have both since moved house.

Belle charges £35 a month for her content on OnlyFans, which she admits is "expensive".

However, she admits her number of subscribers "fluctuate".

Belle decided to take an indefinite break from her online work after being stalked.

And she now admits she wishes she could "kill off" her online persona and get rid of everything she has ever posted because she is content after buying herself an eight-bedroom country abode with her millions.

She said: "I think, at the moment, I am not doing any stunts on the internet. I found it all consuming. I didn't hang out with friends I didn't see my family. I feel like my relationship was getting quite strained because of how work-orientated and focused I'd become. I was very much on-machine and not going to quit, until I made the choice to, OK, now I am going to take a break and cash out. So now I don't feel the pressure to really make a lot of money because I am in a fortunate position where I've bought my house now, I don't have to stress about that."

She continued: "I wish there was a way to kill me on the internet and somehow delete everything, or just kind of die, in a sense, and just move on. I like chapters. Maybe close the chapter, but there is no way to do that."

She added: "I am not interested in the fame aspect of it ... once it's run its course - just leave it."