Students expelled from school over mum's OnlyFans car sticker

Two students have been expelled from a Christian school in Florida after their OnlyFans star mum refused to remove a car sticker advertising the saucy site



Piper Fawn - aka Michelle Cline - is furious after her kids were expelled from their school
Piper Fawn - aka Michelle Cline - is furious after her kids were expelled from their school

OnlyFans star Piper Fawn is fuming after her two kids were expelled from school over her car sticker promoting the saucy site.

The content creator - whose real name is Michelle Cline - previously hit headlines when she revealed bosses at the Liberty Christian Preparatory School banned her from bringing her vehicle onto the premises following complaints from other parents about the OnlyFans advertising banner - and now she's revealed the school board has expelled both children over the row.

She told the New York Post: "I felt like when they asked me to park off campus, I immediately obliged. I never had my car on campus again and then it’s like that wasn’t enough and they had to take it a step further.

"I just feel like taking it out on the kids wasn’t really fair."

Liberty Christian Preparatory (LCP) Head of School Jeremy Thomas has insisted the board took the move to protect other kids. In a statement to the Post, he explained: " Pornography is a vice and a sexual sin that destroys lives and breaks up marriages.

"The negative impact of pornography on youth can result in future long-term relationship issues. Consuming, producing, distributing, or advertising pornography is inconsistent with the teachings of the Bible, the Church, and LCP ...

"LCP desires to help families nurture and educate their children in the love of God and what is good."

Michelle insisted she has been using the OnlyFans stickers on her car while dropping her kids off for more than two years - and she can't understand why it suddenly became a problem.

She added to the newspaper: "We’ve been involved with this church and school for over five years. And then so it’s funny, we’ve done OnlyFans for a good three and a half and then now, at least two of those years, the decals are on the car.

"Im the same person that was, three years ago, sitting in church service. I haven’t changed not. It’s just something that I’ve chosen to be more open with.

"But I definitely get singled out now because people are like, ‘Oh, no, she does that.’ It’s like, ‘I’ve been doing this. It doesn’t make me a different person'."

The school has stated the children will be welcomed back if Michelle removes the sticker from her car and ceases her involvement with OnlyFans. Michelle has since insisted she plans to move away from the area and homeschool their kids instead.

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