Joy Behar, 81, reveals boozy secret to healthy sex life

'The View' host Joy Behar, 81, insists the secret to a healthy sex life is drinking martini "on an empty stomach" and thinking of someone you "really wanna sleep with".



Joy Behar reveals her best sex tips
Joy Behar reveals her best sex tips

Joy Behar insists the secret to a healthy sex life is drinking martini "on an empty stomach".

The 81-year-old comedian - who has been married to Steve Janowitz since 2011 - joked it's best to get tipsy and think about someone you "really wanna sleep with".

Asked by a fan on 'The View: Behind The Table' podcast about keeping the "energy up" in the bedroom, she said: "A martini on an empty stomach in the middle of the afternoon is key... and think of somebody that you really wanna sleep with!

"People say you should think about an actor, like George Clooney or something... that's not what I do."

Asked if she thinks about "past lovers", she admitted that's where her mind wanders.

She added: "Yeah somebody I know already, not George Clooney. Or knew... in the past."

Thankfully for Joy, she doesn't worry about accidentally saying the wrong name in the moment.

She quipped: "I'm perfectly alone when I'm doing that!"

Joy also tore into dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and Hinge and insisted people should embrace the idea of meeting someone at a bar and taking them home.

She said: "I'm so glad that I'm old because this is the worst idea I've ever heard of.

'Online dating is the worst. Meet them at a bar, get drunk and go home with them, that's the way to do it.

'I would just write, 'If you wanna know more about me, take me out for a drink...' I'm not telling them all my assets! No!"

Another fan asked for some help choosing from three different men they're dating, with one of them being great in bed, another who plans amazing dates, and a third who they can talk to for hours.

At first, Joy pointed out that "the one to talk to is good for marriage", but co-host Sunny Hostin pointed out that "they're just dating".

She added: "I guess the one who is good in bed for me... If you don't have it at the beginning, you'll never get it!"