Jesse Plemons thinks audiences will be 'sick to their stomachs' after seeing Kinds of Kindness

Jesse Plemons wouldn't be surprised if audiences feel sick after watching the new Yorgos Lanthimos movie 'Kinds of Kindness'.



Jesse Plemons felt sick after reading the Kinds of Kindness script
Jesse Plemons felt sick after reading the Kinds of Kindness script

Jesse Plemons admits that 'Kinds of Kindness' could make audiences "sick to their stomachs".

The 36-year-old actor plays three different roles in the absurdist movie from director Yorgos Lanthimos and explained that viewers may share the sense of queasiness he felt after reading the script.

Jesse told The Hollywood Reporter at the movie's New York premiere on Thursday (20.06.24): "There are some sequences in that that I feel like would make a lot of people sick to their stomachs."

The 'Killers of the Flower Moon' actor thinks that the "surreal" picture is unique without being "weird" for the sake of it.

Jesse said: "It's also a type of movie that I feel like you don't get to see all that often nowadays, that is very strange and surreal and abstract and dream-like, nightmarish, but it isn't, in my opinion, weird just for the sake of being weird.

"Yorgos has this way of taking these really universal, simple themes and sort of turning them on their head and exploring them in really strange but really human ways.

"So I found it really emotionally charged reading the script but couldn’t exactly articulate why or what had just happened to me reading the script."

Plemons also lavished praise on his "fearless" co-star Emma Stone who has teamed up with Lanthimos for the fourth time on the movie - fresh off the back of her Oscar-winning performance in his film 'Poor Things'.

He said: "(They) have obviously found this amazing partnership. She takes the work very seriously but doesn’t take herself seriously, which I find nice and refreshing."