Adria Arjona's ideas were valued on the set of Hit Man

Adria Arjona felt that her creative suggestions on the set of 'Hit Man' were valued by director Richard Linklater.



Adria Arjona had important input into Hit Man
Adria Arjona had important input into Hit Man

Adria Arjona felt that her contributions to 'Hit Man' were valued.

The 32-year-old star features opposite Glen Powell in the romantic action comedy and praised director Richard Linklater for taking her creative input into account.

Speaking to The New York Times newspaper, Adria said: "I'd never worked with Rick, but I've always loved how actors in his movies had all this beautiful, philosophical, intellectual, banter that felt improvised. And then I met Rick, and he hates improv.

"Every decision is made in a rehearsal, so once you get to set it makes the process a lot more fun. He really made me believe my ideas were important – that I had good ideas – and a lot of them ended up in the movie."

Adria was also grateful that her thoughts on the intimate scenes between her character Madison Masters and Powell's alter ego Gary Johnson were considered by the crew.

The 'Andor' star said: "Even the sex scenes – you have no say as a female actor what those scenes are going to entail. But because I was in the writer's room, I had a lot of say in what we were going to do and how we were going to do it.

"I was impressed that a filmmaker of that calibre would be like, 'What do you want to do?'"

Adria explained that the flawed nature of her character was particularly appealing.

She said: "I loved that I couldn't pinpoint what she was going to do next. She's not perfect, and she's constantly trying to play this fantasy – a fantasy for herself, a fantasy for him, a fantasy of what a femme fatale is, because she's definitely not a femme fatale; she's her own idea of a femme fatale that she's creating for herself.

"I was fascinated by that. I cannot be more opposite to Madison."