Bad Boys 4 is great, says Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens has teased details of 'Bad Boys 4', telling fans that it will be "great".



Vanessa Hudgens has teased details of the new movie
Vanessa Hudgens has teased details of the new movie

Vanessa Hudgens thinks 'Bad Boys 4' will be "great".

The 35-year-old actress will play weapons expert Kelly in the new movie, and she relished the opportunity to work alongside Will Smith and Martin Lawrence on the latest film in the long-running franchise.

Vanessa told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I mean, it's just like such a classic, beloved story and it's really neat being able to go on this journey with them and have so much time go by.

"We really leaned into the fact that they are a bit older and things changing and they're not necessarily operating at the speed they once knew."

Vanessa starred in 'Bad Boys for Life' in 2020, and the brunette beauty is convinced that fans will love the new movie.

She said: "It's fun to be around and I think there's like a lot of belly laughs and [it's] action-packed. It's going to be a great movie."

Meanwhile, Vanessa previously revealed that she loved working with Will and Martin.

The Hollywood star described the duo as "amazing".

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight' in 2019, she shared: "I play Kelly. She's a new part of the ammo team, which is the new squad that gets brought on to work with Will and Martin and they're just amazing.

"Like, Martin is such a sweetheart. He's always just so kind and warm and welcoming and like, tender ... So sweet.

"And then Will is just like a burst of energy. Like, he's full of life. He's full of love. They were like, sending gifts to my trailer on the weekly and I was like, this is not normal. This is just too sweet."