Katy O'Brian hopes that Love Lies Bleeding shows her ability as a 'serious' performer

'Love Lies Bleeding' star Katy O'Brian hopes that her part in the romantic thriller proves to audiences that she can be a "serious" actor away from sci-fi projects.



Katy O'Brian is hoping Love Lies Bleeding proves that she is a 'serious' actress
Katy O'Brian is hoping Love Lies Bleeding proves that she is a 'serious' actress

Katy O'Brian hopes to prove her versatility as an actress in 'Love Lies Bleeding'.

The 35-year-old star features opposite Kristen Stewart in the new romantic thriller and thinks that it will show audiences that she is capable of more than just sci-fi parts, which she has played in 'The Mandalorian' and 'Z Nation'.

Katy told Entertainment Weekly: "I do hope that it shows people that I can do something other than sci-fi, that I can take on a serious, dramatic role, and that I can be believable as something other than a military persona."

In the film, O'Brian plays bodybuilder Jackie – who falls romantically for the reclusive gym manager Lou (Stewart) but finds herself tangled up in her lover's crime family - and is hopeful that audiences can relate to the 1980s-set story from director Rose Glass.

She said: "I also think it's a movie that's very much made to entertain, and you can go as deep as you want with it. But I also love just being able to show a queer relationship and it not be perfect and it not be full of humility, and that the queerness isn't at all the purpose of the story."

Katy and Kristen share intimate scenes during the film and the 'Black Lightning' actress revealed that a joint awkwardness helped the pair overcome any embarrassment.

She explained: "My whole thing was I wanted to make sure Kristen felt completely comfortable, didn't feel like she was being taken advantage of or anything like that, and she for sure went out of her way to do the same.

"We were just two nerds bouncing around with excitement about the movie, but also just being very awkward and wanting to make sure that we weren't stepping on each other's toes."