'If I poop, don't tell me!' Pregnant OnlyFans star Veruca Salt wants to 'pull the baby out herself'

Veruca Salt has revealed her birthing wish list as she tells fans she wants to "pull the baby out" herself.



Pregnant Veruca Salt will continue to make raunchy content on OnlyFans
Pregnant Veruca Salt will continue to make raunchy content on OnlyFans

Veruca Salt has revealed her birthing wish list.

The 24-year-old sex worker - whose real name is Kimberley Summer Hartley but takes her pseudonym from the infamous spoiled brat in Roald Dahl's classic novel 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' - is expecting her first baby and took to Instagram to share a long list of requirements for the big day, which included wanting gas and air to relieve the pain and does not wish to know if she relieves herself during the process.

She wrote on Instagram: "no one annoy me an epidural or two

the gas too bitch

don't show me the needle for the epidural

i need snacks and my fav Starbucks drinks my hair needs to be braided

if i poop don't tell me"

The content creator - who sells racy snaps of herself to more than thousands of followers on the adults-only platform - went on to insist that she wants to wear her own clothes during the birth and demanded that the little one is cleaned up by medical staff within five minutes of their birth because she is "grossed out" by newborns.

Completing the list, she added: wear my own clothes/wear nothing at all do everything possible to avoid a c section students can watch but not help


clean the baby within 5 minutes sorry the after birth kinda grosses me out

delayed cord clamping

baby doesn't leave the room

i would like to leave the hospital still alive with a healthy and alive baby."(sic)

Veruca announced her pregnancy in July, but assured a fan that she would continue to produce her raunchy content despite her growing bump.

She wrote on TikTok: "Yes, just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I’m ugly"