Tom Hollander received Tom Holland's Marvel payslip by mistake

Tom Hollander once received Tom Holland's 'Avengers' payslip by accident.



Tom Holland's payslip once went to Tom Hollander by mistake
Tom Holland's payslip once went to Tom Hollander by mistake

Tom Hollander accidentally received Tom Holland's 'Avengers' payslip.

The 56-year-old 'White Lotus' actor admitted the surprise mishap occurred due to the almost identical spellings of their surnames, although he joked that they only get confused for each other in a "nonvisual context" as he reflected on the Marvel star 29 years his junior.

Appearing on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers', he recalled a moment his agency's accounts department sent him one of Holland's paycheques by mistake.

He said: "I thought... I don't think I'm in the 'Avengers'. It was an astonishing amount of money - it was not his salary, it was just first box office bonus. Not the whole box office, the first one.

"It was more money than I've ever - it was a seven figure sum!"

The 'Feud: Capote vs. The Swan' star - who explained the mixup was made by the accounting department when they were "briefly" at the same agency - joked he had been feeling "smug" before he saw the email.

He quipped: "It was a terrible moment. I went to see my friend who was doing theatre in England, for £300 a week, doing great work...

"I sat smugly in the audience having just done a BBC show for 30 grand or something."

He joked: "My feeling of smugness disappeared very quickly. But that's showbiz! It's up, it's down, it's hero, it's zero."

He cheekily teased that it had been "very difficult" being mistaken for Holland.

He added: "I was here first! But he's enormously famous.

"Obviously I don't actually get mistaken for him, but in nonvisual contexts I get mistaken for him all the time.

"So, talking to utility companies, 'And what's your name?' They go, 'Tom Holland?' Because they heard Tom Holland - 'no, it's Hollander'.

"Or I'm introduced to somebody's very, very excited, then confused, then disappointed children. They go, 'My children are so excited to meet you?' I go, 'Are they though? I don't think they are but bring them out!' "

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