'It would sure make us happy': Shawn Levy is holding out hope for a Free Guy sequel

Shawn Levy is willing to make a sequel to his 2021 movie 'Free Guy' but admits that the project is a "big maybe" at present.



Shawn Levy is hoping to make a 'Free Guy' sequel
Shawn Levy is hoping to make a 'Free Guy' sequel

Shawn Levy would be "happy" to make a sequel to 'Free Guy'.

The 55-year-old director helmed the 2021 video game-set movie starring Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer and thinks there is a chance for a follow-up to materialise.

In an interview with Wired, Shawn said: "It's been floated, it floats, because Ryan and I love that movie. I'd say it's a big maybe, but boy it would sure make us happy."

'Free Guy' was met with a positive reception when it was released and Levy credited Reynolds as the "engine" that made the picture work.

The 'Night at the Museum' director told ComicBook.com: "The truth is, as I said, if you're lucky enough to direct Ryan Reynolds in a starring role, you get all these secret weapons in addition.

"And the truth is that Ryan has very quirky, weird, inspired musical taste. So whether it was the Mariah Carey song or make your own kind of music, like a deep cut from the 50s or 60s, Ryan sometimes will go, 'Is this a weird idea or should we try this song?'

"And what I've learned with Ryan is don't say no, at least give it a try because eight out of 10 times, it's going to be amazing, and it's going to make it into the movie."

Ryan previously suggested that he was unsure about making a sequel as he questioned why movies need to be followed up all the time.

Speaking at the Just for Laughs comedy festival earlier this year, the 'Deadpool' actor said: "There is the potential to do a sequel to 'Free Guy', which would be fun.

"I would love it. But also like, does everything f****** have to be a sequel? I don't know. Sometimes it's OK to just do a movie and have it kick ass and then everyone go home."

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