John Boyega is 'cooking' Attack the Block sequel with Joe Cornish

John Boyega has teased that he and director Joe Cornish are "cooking" the long-awaited sequel to 'Attack the Block'.



John Boyega has been making hints about the sequel to 'Attack the Block'
John Boyega has been making hints about the sequel to 'Attack the Block'

John Boyega has teased that an "exciting" 'Attack the Block' sequel is taking shape.

The 31-year-old star is set to reprise his role as Moses in the follow-up to the 2011 sci-fi movie about an alien invasion in South London and revealed that he has been working closely with director Joe Cornish on the new project.

John told the Metro newspaper: "Joe is in the writing lab, cooking that, writing up something cool.

"We've penned ideas, brainstormed, we've been to London and met up, traced every character to where they've been.

"We've looked at London, how much has changed. We're very, very excited."

Boyega plays the veteran US marine Brian Brown-Easley, who resorted to holding up a bank due to his dire financial situation, in his new movie 'Breaking' and discussed the "sense of responsibility" he felt in telling the former serviceman's story.

The 'Star Wars' actor explained: "You have a freedom but it's a different type of freedom.

"You don't get to create this character from your imagination. Brian is interesting enough anyway for it to be a meaty role as an actor, because he goes into so many different types of emotions."

However, he was able to improvise at some points.

Boyega said: "A lot of times, (my co-stars) didn't know what the hell I was going to do. (The director told me), 'You've got this space... play.'"

'Breaking' was one of the final roles for the late Michael K. Williams before his death in 2021 and John found it "amazing" to be working alongside 'The Wire' star.

The 'Small Axe' star said: "He's been one of the actors I really liked watching. If he's in something, I'm most likely going to go watch that."