Asher Angel: Zachary Levi is fun to be around on set

Asher Angel loved every minute on set with his 'Shazam! Fury of the Gods' co-star Zachary Levi.



Asher Angel revealed what it's actually like being on set with Zachary Levi
Asher Angel revealed what it's actually like being on set with Zachary Levi

Asher Angel says Zachary Levi is "fun to be around" on set.

The pair play Billy Batson and Shazam in the new DC sequel 'Shazam! Fury of the Gods', and Asher has praised his co-star for making everyone feel "comfortable" on set after it was revealed he likes to play music before shooting scenes.

Speaking to Collider, Asher said: "It's such a welcoming environment. Like any time Zach’s around you're comfortable, and he makes you comfortable, and it's just a feel-good, vibrant vibe on the set, and he's just so fun to be around. We just have the best time together. So I think, you know, having that, because, I guess, you really never know the type of set you're gonna show up to, so the fact that we have this amazing cast, amazing crew."

Asher recently said the sequel has "everything you want in a superhero movie".

The 20-year-old actor plays teenager Billy – with Zachary starring as his superhero alter ego – and gushed that he was "so happy" with Henry Gayden's script.

Asher told Entertainment Tonight: "It's kind of got everything you want in a superhero movie.

"It's got those heartfelt moments, the action, the comedy, and it's just everything you've ever wanted to see on the big screen. I'm excited."

Asher's co-star Jack Dylan Grazer has claimed that the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) movie – which also stars Dame Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu – is "getting away with a lot more" than its predecessor.

He said: "It's a great cast. We got Helen Mirren, we got Lucy Liu, we got the new up-and-coming star Rachel Zegler from Steven Spielberg's 'West Side Story'.

"The script is hilarious. It's funnier than the first one, I'd have to say. We're getting away with a lot more this time. It's action-packed and it's got twists and turns and it's super-duper fun."