Jeremy Renner had unique perspective as department store makeup artist

Jeremy Renner explains his "different" approach to beauty when he was working as a makeup artist in a department store.



Jeremy Renner worked as a department store makeup artist
Jeremy Renner worked as a department store makeup artist

Jeremy Renner "had a different principle" for beauty when he worked as a department store makeup artist.

The 53-year-old Marvel star spent eight years working behind the beauty counter in the 1990s - which included time with Lancome, Laura Mercier and MAC Cosmetics - and despite taking the job to make ends meet, his time in the business is full of fond memories.

He told 'The Drew Barrymore Show': "I’d work on the weekends at the department stores, audition all week for film and television and then go put makeup on women on the weekends. It was awesome.”

Despite his only experience being "clown" makeup for a local Modesto Junior College production of 'The Wizard of Oz' - in which he had been cast as The Scarecrow - he got the job after making connections through his time as a fragrance model.

He recalled: "I had a different principle of what beauty is, a different connective tissue to red lipstick or whatever [makeup] it is.

"I wanna know what made a woman feel beautiful without it and how do I express her beauty inside with these tools.”

He would then learn more about the women's beauty profiles, and find the right way to apply their makeup.

He still remembers his techniques, and he even gave host Drew some tips on how to best apply some red lip.

He said: "If it's a lipliner, I’d put it all over your lips so it's lasting because it’s more matte and less oil.

"I probably wouldn’t use a lipstick personally, I'd use a lip gloss so it gives it a little shine."

Jeremy previously revealed how having a unique perspective - included a focus on cosmetics rather than skincare - helped him land the job.

He recalled thelling the women interviewing him: "‘Wouldn’t it be interesting to get a man’s opinion on how a woman looks like with makeup on?’

"So that was my gangster psychological way in. So I got the job.”