Emma Chamberlain reveals her natural makeup and skincare routine

Emma Chamberlain has revealed her skincare secrets and her go-to glam for nights out.



Emma Chamberlain likes to keep her makeup minimal
Emma Chamberlain likes to keep her makeup minimal

Emma Chamberlain keeps her makeup minimal on nights out because she's bound to sweat it off.

The 22-year-old social media influencer opts for natural skin, lots of bronzer, a chunky lash and a "solid lip combo" to keep things simple.

She told InStyle.com: "I like super natural skin just because [makeup] ends up coming off anyway, so I don’t want to overdo it. But I’m definitely bronzing it up; it’s a key moment. I’m bronzing up the eye, too! And then a chunky lash, too, kind of. Not too chunky. And a really solid lip combo. I like it to be simple because over the course of the night, you’re sweating, you’re being funny. It doesn’t matter because it wears off nicely."

When it comes to her skincare routine before going out, the vlogger always washes her face before applying products - no matter what.

She said: "Honestly, my only thing is I just hydrate every day, day and night. So, I am also hydrating right before makeup. I always wash my face right before I do my makeup, too. Some people don’t, but I have to wash and go back and redo the whole skin-care routine. Even if I did it two hours ago, I don’t care. I also like tools, the little micro-current thing."

And once she's home, she likes to go "all in" with makeup removal and do a "quadruple cleanse", and when she's not up for that, her go-to product is micellar water.

The Lancôme brand ambassador said of her post-night out routine: "I’m going all in. Okay? Because listen, there are some nights when it’s like, we’re lucky that we’re getting out the micellar water, and we’re doing the bare minimum. But in an ideal world, I’m going all in. So we’re going in with the eye makeup remover. Then we’re going in with the micellar water and the incredible cleansing milk. Then I go in with a full cleanser... That’s the final step. It’s a quadruple cleanse. Then, I do like to chemical exfoliate, so, the Clarifique serum. My skin gets really dry after a night out. Génifique serum, Génifique night cream, Génifique eye cream. And if I’m really dry, the Absolue Oil, a thin layer of the oil, and we’re done. But, really, it’s all about quad cleansing!"

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