I have a simple make-up routine, says Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski has revealed that her make-up routine doesn't take long at all.



Emily Ratajkowski has revealed details of her make-up routine
Emily Ratajkowski has revealed details of her make-up routine

Emily Ratajkowski's make-up routine is "so simple".

The 32-year-old star - who is one of the most well-known models in the world - has revealed that she actually has a relatively simple make-up routine.

Emily told Marie Claire: "I don’t do foundation, but I use concealer. Hourglass is what I’ve been reaching for recently.

"I’ll use Kylie’s Mascara. They used it on me on set and it’s so fluffy. I feel like I don't have to do that many layers.

"I love Charlotte Tilbury’s highlighter and contour. That’s how I bronze myself up.

"I use the Pat McGrath make-up stick and the freckle pen from TikTok - I really do love my freckles. My lips alternate, but I do love a good lip liner moment. Right now I’m using a MakeupForever one, but I really love the Rhode balms and all of the Pat McGrath lip glosses. There’s nothing like them."

Emily insisted that her make-up routine isn't very time-consuming at all.

The model said: "I can do it pretty quickly now - it’s all in all 12 products. So simple."

Emily also revealed that she has a very straightforward fitness routine, which involves walking her dog around New York City.

She shared: "I live in New York City so I walk a lot. I have a dog and I don't have a dog walker. Everyone thinks he's a German Shepherd. He's not. I'm a loser and I got his DNA testing. He’s 90 pounds, so he's a big boy. I do have a little backyard area, but he needs a decent amount of walks.

"Then my son is 35 plus pounds and I carry that man around. He likes to be held and I love to hold him, but it's getting serious."

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