Brooke Shields is 'scared' of changing appearance with cosmetic surgery

Brooke Shields is "scared" of having cosmetic surgery because she doesn't want to not look like herself.



Brooke Shields doesn't want to have surgery
Brooke Shields doesn't want to have surgery

Brooke Shields ended up with a "Spock eye" when she had Botox injections.

The 58-year-old actress is "all for" cosmetic surgery if it makes people feel happier and more confident in themselves, but she admitted the idea of no longer looking like herself "scares" her.

She told America's Glamour magazine: "I am all for any of it if it truly is done for yourself, for the right reasons, and gives you a level of some kind of confidence that you need.

"Listen, I’ve seen it give women such confidence. But I think it’s easy to go down the slope of overdoing it.

"I’m scared of not looking like myself; the times that I’ve had Botox, I end up with this Spock eye and I’m like, 'I don’t look like myself.' "

However, the 'Pretty Baby' actress is happy to try out new non-surgical treatments.

She added: "But I’ll get Fraxels, and peels, and whatever the newest thing is, and I’ll try it. I just don’t want to not look like myself."

Brooke insisted she isnt interested in "chasing youth" and would rather embrace the person she is now.

She said: "In some cultures we’re the wise women who decide who the chiefs are, who are revered.

"Here people are - I mean, look around this room. There’s more and more plastic surgery than ever.

"Because they’re chasing youth. I don’t want to chase youth. I want to chase now."

The 'Suddenly Susan' star despairs of the way older women are treated by society.

She said: "People can’t handle it. You’re being put out to pasture, and it’s ironic, and it’s wrong and not fair.

"You look at the women who are over 40 - their history, their vibrance, their intelligence, their responsibility, their adaptability. They’ve raised families; they’ve run companies; they’ve been in multiple different types of relationships; they kept moving forward. We were the Amazons!"

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