Teyana Taylor 'enjoys ageing'

Teyana Taylor is the new brand partner for injectables brand Xeomin.



Teyana Taylor is afraid of needles but said getting injectables wasn't that painful
Teyana Taylor is afraid of needles but said getting injectables wasn't that painful

Teyana Taylor insists she "enjoys ageing" and only gets injectables to "smooth out her frown lines".

The 31-year-old actress-and-singer has landed a brand partnership with the injectable firm Xeomin, but she has insisted she would never want to make herself look any younger.

She told Bustle: “[Getting injectables] is not gonna take me back to [looking] 16, 17, or 18.

“It's just gonna smooth out my frown lines...and that's simply what I use it for: to smooth out my frown lines. I'm very happy with my results, but I don't feel like it made me any younger because I enjoy ageing.”

The 'Coming 2 America' star is scared of needles but insisted the pain wasn't as bad as she anticipated.

In an interview with Essence, she said: “I wanted to make sure I was with a company where I felt safe.

“That was a big thing for me. I was really happy with my results, and especially for a person afraid of needles, it was super quick and wasn’t even really that painful.”

The Xeomin gig comes after Teyana joined forces with her daughter to create a new fashion line in the summer.

The star turned to her six-year-old daughter Junie for help and inspiration for her fashion venture called JuJuBeez.

Teyana - whose line offers matching children’s activewear styles for parents - said: "I’ve always wanted to create a world for Junie that shows there are no limits, fear isn’t real and you can do whatever you dream to do.

"This is one of many steps in an effort to change the narrative that is placed on women while growing up and being told what they can and cannot do. I want to change that narrative and I will - anything is possible."

Teyana previously collaborated with the sportswear giant Reebok, and at the time, she was hailed by Todd Krinsky, the global vice president of Reebok Classic and Entertainment.

He said: "[Taylor] is a risk-taker who brings her own perspective to every project and she stands uniquely at the intersection of fashion, music and fitness."