Damon Albarn urges fans to vote during surprise appearance at Glastonbury

Damon Albarn made a surprise appearance at Glastonbury alongside Bombay Bicycle Club.



Damon Albarn made a surprise appearance at the festival
Damon Albarn made a surprise appearance at the festival

Damon Albarn encouraged fans to vote in the UK election during his surprise appearance at Glastonbury.

The 56-year-old star - who headlined the festival with Blur back in 2009 - spoke about Palestine, as well as the UK and US elections, after he joined Bombay Bicycle Club on the Pyramid Stage on Friday (28.06.24).

Damon - who features on Bombay Bicycle Club's 2023 song 'Heaven' - said to the crowd: "Three things: you have to show me how you feel about it - are you pro Palestine? Do you feel that's an unfair war?

"The importance of voting next week - I don't blame you for being ambivalent about that - but it's still really important. And thirdly - maybe it's time we stopped putting octogenarians in charge of the whole world?"

Bombay Bicycle Club explained how the collaboration with Damon happened.

The indie rock band told Sky News: "We were never expecting to have him on the record or to be playing a show with him, but ... we just kind of asked, and he was really up for it. You don't ask, you don't get.

"But, you know, with him, that's all you need."

Prior to their collaboration, the band teased that they would be joined on stage by a big-name artist.

Asked if any of their collaborators would join them at Glastonbury, guitarist Jamie MacColl told Radio X: "There is, but we can't say who I'm afraid!"

Despite this, Jamie did confirm that the unnamed artist featured on their 2023 album, 'My Big Day'.

Jamie simply said: "Yeah [they're on the album]."