'Don’t be ignorant and stupid all the time': Wizkid wants people to stop calling him an Afrobeats artist

Wizkid says those who call every African artist Afrobeats are putting them in a box.



Wizkid has declared he is not an Afrobeats artist
Wizkid has declared he is not an Afrobeats artist

Wizkid has requested people stop referring to him as an Afrobeats artist.

The Nigerian singer - whose real name is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun - says he is wrongly labelled as an Afrobeats artist and said his 2020 album ‘Made In Lagos’ offered a "fusion of different sounds".

The 33-year-old star - who also teased his upcoming album 'Morayo' is "done" - says those who refer to all African artists as Afrobeats need to "educate" themselves.

He wrote in a statement on his Instagram Story: “You lost people always want someone to educate you. You got your phone, Google [and] research s*** or take a flight and see the world. Don’t be ignorant and stupid all the time. Listen, am I African? Yes! But I do make all sorts of music. Fine music! But I don’t want [to be] labeled just Afrobeats. That’s like like saying every American artiste makes rap. That’s stupid.

“This is why no matter how good or amazing the music we make – [albeit] R'n'B or whatever other genre, we all get nominated in one Africa category or the other. I’ve made songs from different genres of music. ‘Made In Lagos’ is not an ‘Afrobeats’ album. That’s a fusion of different sounds. Real music! The word ‘Afrobeats’ was made up by y’all to put all we [Africans] make in one box. [Legendary afro-pop pioneer] Fela [Kuti] created Afrobeat!! I make all sorts of music. [A] fusion of sounds!

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