Late Lana Del Rey has Glastonbury mic cut off

Lana Del Rey's Glastonbury performance came to a premature end when her microphone was cut due to her being 30 minutes late on stage.



Lana Del Rey performs at Glastonbury
Lana Del Rey performs at Glastonbury

Lana Del Rey had her Glastonbury set cut short after starting her performance 30 minutes late.

The 'Summertime Sadness' singer kept fans at the Park Stage waiting for half an hour beyond her scheduled start time, then bizarrely blamed the fact she was getting her hair done for her tardiness - only for her hairdresser to appear on stage to finish tending to her tresses as she sang.

After performing 'Cherry', Lana said: "Thank you so much, I’m so happy to be here.’

"I was so f****** late and I am about to rush this set.

"If they cut power, they cut power, I’m super f***ing sorry. My hair takes so long to do.

"Let’s keep on running the set as it’s supposed to go."

As she sat down to perform, her hairstylist came on stage to come out her elaborate up-do and let her locks loose.

The 37-year-old star's set had been due to end at 11.45pm, but was still going on more than 15 minutes later and because of the site's curfew, her microphone was then cut mid-performance as she sang 'White Mustang'.

After some moments of confusion, Lana had discussions with someone on stage, and then mouthed the words: "I'm sorry".

The audience booed and chanted: “Let her sing!”

But Lana then organised her fans into a sing-a-long of her 2012 hit 'Video Games' and walked down to the crowd to take photos and sign autographs for fans.

The 'Born to Die' singer had previously expressed her unhappiness that the line-up poster for the festival didn't make it clear she had one of the top slots at the event.

Pyramid Stage headliners Arctic Monkeys, Guns N' Roses and Sir Elton John were listed at the top of the promotional poster alongside Lizzo - who organiser Emily Eavis said would have headlined if the 'Welcome to the Jungle' hitmakers hadn't already been promised top billing - and then the rest of the acts mentioned in alphabetical order.

Lana wrote on Instagram: “Well, I’m actually headlining the 2nd stage. But since there was no consideration for announcing that we’ll see.”

A source close to the star admitted she was "disappointed" and felt "let down".

The insider told The Sun on Sunday newspaper's Bizarre column: “Lana is disappointed. She was proud to be doing a headline slot, but on the announcement graphic her name is buried among lesser-known artists.

“She feels let down being presented as an afterthought lagging behind the all-male trio.”