Chris Martin needs physio to help him prepare for gigs

Chris Martin has admitted Coldplay approach playing stadium gigs the same way soccer stars do and he needs physio before going on stage.



Chris Martin needs physio before a gig
Chris Martin needs physio before a gig

Chris Martin needs a team of physios to get him ready for the stage.

The 46-year-old Coldplay frontman admitted it is harder to prepare for the group's stadium shows now than it was a decade ago and he joked the band need to treat playing such vast venues as soccer players do ahead of their games in the same sites.

He is quoted by the Daily Star Sunday's Wired column as saying: "As the venues become the same as sports, some of the preparations do too.

"When we were playing bars, I don't drink, but the rest of the band were drinking.

"And when you're playing stadiums, it's like preparing for a big soccer game - you know you're going to get some muscle issues...

"I'm getting older so it's the same thing you would imagine a retired footballer would do if you said you have to play this afternoon - a lot of creaking and stretching and asking people to manipulate this and loosen that."

And Chris admitted he isn't the only singer feeling the strain of performing as his friend Beyonce has been suffering similar knee issues.

He said: "I saw Beyonce after the Grammys - she's my hero and sister and everything.

"But it's funny because I have a knee problem from being on stage and she'll say, 'Yeah me too.'

"You have the same work complaints that no one else can talk about."

The 'Fix You' hitmaker doesn't think he'll ever be the type of showman as other singers but he is comfortable with what he has to offer fans.

He said: "I feel we've leaned into being ourselves with no fear of embarrassment.

"There's no way I'm as adept on stage as Beyonce or Mick Jagger but I'm definitely the best at being me."