President Putin will flee to South America if he loses Ukraine war

Vladimir Putin is planning to flee to South America in the event that Russia loses the war with Ukraine, a former ally of the tyrant has claimed.



Vladimir Putin plans to flee to South America if he loses the war in Ukraine.

A former ally of the tyrant claims that Putin, along with his family and other close members of his entourage, will flee to Argentina or Venezuela in a plot dubbed Operation Noah's Ark.

The claims have been made by Allas Gallyamov, who served as Putin's speechwriter between 2008 and 2010 but is now critical of the Kremlin and is based in Israel.

Gallyamov claimed that scientist Mikhail Kovalchuk, a supporter of the Putin regime, had suggested China as an option but it was rejected by Moscow because "the Chinese do not like losers".

He said: "Normally I do not share insider stories, but today will be an exception.

"First of all I really trust the source, and secondly the information is way too racy.

"The project was about searching for new lands if the situation in the motherland ceased being cosy.

"His circle believes it is possible he might."

Putin's ally Igor Sechin, a multi-billionaire who is part of the despot's inner circle, has championed Venezuela as an escape route for the Russian leader.

Gallyamov added: "Putin has a good personal relationship with Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro."