Louis Theroux went through a 'struggle' to get Tell Them you Love Me made

Reflecting on how his ‘Tell Them you Love Me’ has soared in popularity since it moved to Netflix, Louis Theroux said he went through a “struggle” to get the documentary made due to its difficult subject matter.



Louis Theroux went through a “struggle” to get his hit new documentary made.

The filmmaker, 54, was at the helm of ‘Tell Them you Love Me’, which has been hailed Netflix’s new ‘Baby Reindeer’ as it has soared up the streamer’s most-watched chart after it was hosted there following its premiere on Sky Documentaries.

It delves into the shock true story of a female professor who had an affair with a nonspeaking man with cerebral palsy and the mental age of an 18-month-old baby.

Despite it turning out to be a hit, Louis – whose Mindhouse production house was behind the film – told The Sun: “It was a struggle to get the film commissioned.”

He added: “At its heart is a mystery – whether two people were in a Romeo and Juliet love story or whether it is a horrific crime.

“I think its success speaks to how powerful and emotionally complex the story is. You never quite know where it will go next.

“It was nearly 10 years ago that I first came across this story.”

Louis added about its newfound popularity: “It shows films you might think are risky or troubling or 'difficult' can also be compelling and reach a big audience.”