Pixie Lott says music business has changed

Pixie Lott believes the music industry has changed markedly over the last decade.



Pixie Lott feels the music industry has "changed so much" over the last decade.

The 33-year-old pop star is set to release 'Encino', her first album in a decade, later this year, and Pixie has reflected on how the industry has evolved over the last ten years.

The blonde beauty - who is married to model Oliver Cheshire - told MailOnline: "It feels crazy that it's been ten years because I just don't know how that's happened - like, I have done lots of different things throughout the ten years but I never meant for it to be that long to release an album.

"I feel the music industry has changed so much though and I feel like I'm still kind of learning the ropes because my brain is still on how it was before.

"Now people aren't really bothered about chart positions anymore and back in the day it was always like, 'We're going to promote it and then focus on that release week and then go for that chart position' and now people are not talking about that at all.

"It's all changed as well in the sense that people are releasing songs all the time. It's very fast-paced and this album is actually the complete opposite of that."