Sarah Ferguson has shut down rumours she could re-marry Prince Andrew

Sarah, Duchess of York and Prince Andrew have no plans to reignite their romance.



Sarah Ferguson has shut down rumours she could re-marry Prince Andrew.

The Duchess of York was married to the scandal-hit son of the late Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip from 1986 until their split in 1992, with the pair divorcing in 1996, and the former couple have daughters Princess Beatrice, 35, and Princess Eugenie, 34, together.

The pair have remained extremely close, which has led to speculation they could rekindle their romance and even walk down the aisle again; however, Sarah is adamant it's not on the cards.

She told the new issue of Bella magazine: “I get asked that all the time.

“We are very happy as we are now, thank you!”

Being in the public eye and marrying into the Royal Family means the 64-year-old author and philanthropist has seen many untruths about herself, and the worst she has seen was people would rather sleep with a goat than have sex with her.

Fergie said: "My life changed forever on 23 July 1986 when I married into the royal family. Of course, being in the public eye constantly brings challenges, but also great privileges. I hope I have used whatever platform I have to bring about some good, particularly in terms of my charity work."

Asked what the most absurd fact she's seen spewed about her was, she replied: "Goodness, quite a lot of nonsense has been written over the years. One of the worst headlines was '82 per cent would rather sleep with a goat than Fergie.' It's never left me."

Fergie vowed to the late Queen she would always “be there” for Andrew.