Lewis Capaldi returns to the studio

Lewis Capaldi is back to making tunes at his home studio after inviting songwriter Dan D'Lion to his house.



Lewis Capaldi has returned to the studio for the first time since announcing his hiatus a year ago.

Scotland's answer to Beyonce has been working from his home studio with songwriter Dan D’Lion recently, though there are said to be no plans to make a return just yet.

A source told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: “Lewis is doing really well, so much has changed in the past year.

“He has been looking after himself and getting lots of help and there’s been a sea change in how he’s feeling.

“There are no plans to return anytime soon but it’s promising that he is back jamming with his mates and thinking about music.

“It looked touch and go whether he would want to, or be able, to return at one point.

“So things are really looking up.”

Dan is unintentionally inspired by disco and artists such as Jamiroquai and Earth Wind and Fire.

He told Notion in 2020: "I never really mention the disco but when we’re creating in the studio it always comes up. Maybe it’s from that Jamiroquai/Earth Wind and Fire influence but I want to be able to have a side of me that’s extroverted. The one that’s loud and full of energy while also maintaining that part of me that’s introverted, that takes that time to look inside and write. It just depends on which side I wake up on."

The 27-year-old singer’s second album ‘Broken By Desire to be Heavenly Sent’ went to No1 in the UK charts in 2023 and Lewis later launched an extended version of the record with five new songs – but stated at the time he was still going to be on a break from the spotlight due to his battle with Tourette syndrome.

He told fans: “I’m going to continue taking some time to carry on looking after myself, maybe writing some music and taking a moment to reflect on some of the most incredible years of my life.

“I want to make absolutely sure I’m 100 per cent before getting back out there again properly for more shows and doing what I love more than anything.”

The 'Pointless' singer had been struggling to perform with vocal tics plaguing his singing, a symptom of the neurological disorder.

Lewis confirmed he needed to spend more time focusing on his "mental and physical health" after fans rallied behind him after his Glastonbury 2023 performance.