'This is just going to be so iconic': Paris Hilton is excited to be reviving The Simple Life

Paris Hilton is "so excited" to be reviving 'The Simple Life' almost 20 years after her hit reality show ended.



Paris Hilton is "so excited" to be reviving 'The Simple Life'.

The 43-year-old heiress initially starred on the hit reality show alongside her best friend Nicole Richie in the early 2000s and is thrilled that the two of them are teaming up together once again to bring the show back to the screen.

She told Us Weekly: "I'm so excited to do this with Nicole. We have been best friends since we were two years old. So many of my best and most fun memories are with her. What we created together is so special and this is just going to be so iconic. I am so excited to do this for all the fans."

The 'Stars Are Blind' singer - who now has Phoenix, 17 months, as well as eight-month-old London with her husband Carter Reum whilst Nicole has Harlow, 16, and Sparrow, 14, with Joel Madden - also noted that she and her former co-star have a "secret language" together and still "vibe" in the same way they did more than 20 years ago even though so much has changed for them.

She said: "There are those times where you just look at each other and you just know what you’re saying. We have secret languages together. Anything I could say, she’ll know what I’m talking about. I don’t have any other person who I’ve been friends with and have known my entire life like that, like a sister. Even though we’re moms and we’re grown up now, we always have that same vibe together."