Duchess of York dreaming of Bridgerton role

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, asked her agent if she could get "a walk-on part in 'Bridgerton'."



Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, wants a role in ‘Bridgerton’.

The 64-year-old author previously made a cameo appearance in ‘Friends’ and recently had a small part in a Hallmark movie, and she’s hoping to build on that with more work in TV and film.

She told Britain’s HELLO! magazine: “I made a cameo in the Hallmark movie ‘An American in Austen’.

“I’d like to do more walk-on parts and voiceovers and I’ve asked my agent if I could get a walk-on part in ‘Bridgerton’. “

And Sarah will also be working behind-the-scenes too.

She said: “Hallmark have asked me to write five romcoms and [my novel] ‘Her Heart for a Compass’ is going to be made into a TV series.”

The duchess’ first two novels were historical fiction and though she’s got a third in the pipeline, she plans to put that book on hold for now as she’s got a “cosy crime” story in the works.

Asked if she’s planning any more historical fiction, she said: “I’ve already started book three with HarperCollins and I’m ‘collaborwriting’ again with Marguerite Kaye.

“But we might put it off for six months because we’re delving into cosy crime and I’m so excited by it.

“It’s ‘Beyond Paradise’ meets ’Death in Paradise’ meets ‘Psych’ and it’s absolutely bizarre but it really amuses me.”

Sarah is “proud” to have established a new career for herself in her 60s.

She said: “I really feel as if I have embarked on a new career in my 60s, I am proud to call myself an author…

“To have a book out that comes from your imagination is pretty extraordinary.

“My novels have been very well received by readers, which is immensely gratifying.”