Rita Ora teases another Primark collection

Rita Ora has teased she has yet more items in the pipeline for another Primark collection.



Rita Ora is "in bed with" Primark and has teased another collaboration with the budget-friendly high-street store.

It was a full-circle moment dropping a line with Primark, as Rita had "depended on" their cheap clothing and underwear growing up, whilst she also highlighted the amazing bra range they sold specifically for women who have had breast cancer surgery.

Rita - whose mother Vera, 60, underwent a mastectomy in 2005 - told Jessie and Lennie Ware on their 'Table Manners' podcast: "Oh yeah, I'm in bed with them [Primark]. They're my best friends. I have to just give a quick shout-out to Primark because, I have to tell you something like not even because I work with them, they were such a massive staple for me growing up.

"I didn't want to put my logo- well no, it's on the label because I wanted the product to really like, be its thing. I didn't want people to just buy it because it's Rita Ora, I wanted people to actually like the design of it, which you did.

"It's a staple point. I grew up really going to them for school uniform, underwear. When my mum had breast cancer, they had a really great breast cancer kind of collection for women who have had surgery, and it was just always a big thing in my life, something that I always depended on. It was like a trusting friend, you know?

"I just wanted to do things that I felt like I wanted to see when I was kind of going shopping that, like, high fashion stuff, but you can afford it and it's just been doing really well because I think people see the authentic story behind it. It's the truth and that was kind of why I love meshing and blending with them. It felt like going home, I guess."

The 'Rita Ora x Primark' collection - which has included knitwear, denim, tailoring, casual wear and outerwear, plus accessories and shoes - was two years in the making.