Glen Powell's dog went loose on a plane

Glen Powell's dog escaped on a plane when the 'Anyone But You' star fel asleep.



Glen Powell's dog escaped on a plane.

The 35-year-old actor is the proud owner of mixed-breed canine Brisket but explained that recently he took his furry friend on a plane in his carrier basket only for him to jump out and disappear mid-flight.

He told People: "Recently, I fell asleep on a plane. I've been traveling a lot. So I was passing out, but Brisket does not like when I shut his carrier under the seat, so I'll usually let his little head pop out, or just kind of be in my lap.

"He got out of the carrier, and I woke up, and Brisket was gone!

However, all was well when the 'Anyone But You' star realised that Brisket had made it to the back of the aircraft, where he found that his four-legged friend was being "snuggled" by a group of children and other passengers.

He added: "The whole plane was just snuggling Brisket in the back, and they were loving on him. There were kids playing with him "

The 'Hit Man' star adopted Brisket just under a year ago and joked at the time with a revelation post on Instagram that he had decided to "hire a proper bodyguard" as he thanked the shelter where he first met Britsket for all of the "incredible work" that they do.

He wrote in Instagram: "It’s a ruff world out there, so I thought it was about time I hire a proper bodyguard…

Meet BRISKET - 1.5 pounds of raw power.

Thank you to @thelabellefoundation for all the incredible work you do to advocate for dogs and for making me a dad.

I can’t wait to tackle all the adventures of life with this guy!