Jennifer Love Hewitt reveals how she gets more emotional during filming

'Heartbreakers' star Jennifer Love Hewitt reveals how she gets more emotional during filming.



Jennifer Love Hewitt watches "pimple popping videos" to get more emotional on film sets.

The 45-year-old actress admitted she has an unusual technique to relax and make sure she stays in a suitable frame of mind for difficult scenes.

Speaking to E! News, she explained: "I like to watch pimple popping videos because it's really enjoyable, A, and B, it doesn't mess with my headspace.

"It doesn't take me out of the drama headspace and into a happier headspace."

The mother-of-three - who has kids Autumn, 10, Atticus, eight, and Aidan, two, with her husband Brian Hallisay - revealed it's tough for her to see photos of her children when she's meant to be in a sad scene.

She added: "I find it hard to look at pictures of my kids while I'm doing crying scenes because then I get really happy. So, I tend to watch pimple popping videos."

However, popping pimples isn't the only way Jennifer likes to prepare for emotional scenes, as she finds herself listening "to a lot of music to kind of get in the mood".

The 'Heartbreakers' star tries to "keep it light" in between scenes, and she doesn't find herself stuck in a dark headspace for long, thanks to her family.

She said: "Honestly, the drama stuff has gotten easier for me since having kids.

"Because I have such a better balance now of going to work and kind of being dramatic and doing all that, and then the second that I walk in the door, it's like you just have to be silly. So, it lightens my mood up right away."