Nikki Glaser convinced 'a comedian' and disgruntled sports fans were behind Kim Kardashian being booed at Tom Brady’s roast

After the reality TV veteran was mercilessly mocked when she took to the stage at Tom Brady’s roast, comic Nikki Glaser has revealed she is convinced a “wild guy who’s a comedian” and sports fans were behind Kim Kardashian being booed at the live Netflix special.



Nikki Glaser is convinced a “wild guy who’s a comedian” and disgruntled sports fans were behind Kim Kardashian being booed at Tom Brady’s roast.

The comic, 39, was with Kim, 43, as part of the panel of roasters at the live Netflix special that aired on 5 May from the Kia Forum in California, which saw the reality TV veteran met with a barrage of heckles as she took to the stage to mock ex-NFL player Tom.

Nikki has now told the ‘Not Skinny But Not Fat’ podcast she “ran into someone” at the Comedy Store in West Hollywood, California, after the event, and they were with some “wild guy who’s a comedian” with a “reputation for just, like, starting s***”.

She said about how she believed he was behind targeting Kim: “Apparently, he started the boo as just, like, a joke. He just had too many drinks or something.”

Nikki added the audience of the roast was mostly made up of “sports fans” who were probably not fans of Kim and her Kardashian clan, so they could also have been booing her.

She said: “It just kinda caught wind... (there were) sports fans wanting to have some sort of release to boo”.

Nikki went on: “The guy started it started it as a joke, and it caught on too much.”

The comic also defended the Kardashians by saying: “I don’t want to hear that anymore that they’re not talented. They clearly are!

“They’ve achieved something consistently for 20 years now. They’re talented! It just doesn’t look like the talent you define.”

Netflix later edited out the torrent of boos against Kim after Tom’s roast was initially shown live on the streamer.

Nikki shared her theory about the heckling after she slammed Ben Affleck for apparently not preparing for his stint on Tom’s roast.

She said on the ‘KFC Radio’ podcast about the 51-year-old’s gags: “I haven’t watched it (back) because I don’t like to watch people bomb.

“(Ben is) someone who’s famous enough that he thinks that this is probably beneath (him) to do this, so (he was like), ‘I’m just gonna do a favour. It’s not going to be that big of a deal.’”

Nikki added she felt Ben had been “phoning it in” at the comedy special, and said he probably had to pitch joke ideas to a group of writers and went with the angle of being “mad” about trolls.

Ben was a surprise guest at 46-year-old Tom’s roast and his so-called jokes included: “You guys out there talking s*** behind your f****** keyboard, that doesn’t make you a fan, that makes you a b****.”

Nikki called his focus on trolling “self-centred” and said: “There were jokes that could have been used to fill up an entire set that would have been amazing, but either they couldn’t get him on the phone enough to work out something, he didn’t practice enough or he just picked a bad premise and then he had to stick to it the whole time.”