John Krasinski's children are more impressed by their mum Emily Blunt's career than his

Movie star John Krasinski has revealed what his children think about his career.



John Krasinski's children are more impressed by their mum's career than his.

The 44-year-old actor - who has Hazel, ten, and Violet, seven, with actress Emily Blunt - has revealed that his kids think Emily, his wife, is much cooler than he is.

John - who actually involved his children in the process of making 'IF', his new animated fantasy film - told PEOPLE: "When they found out I that I was going to do it, it was really exciting because it was the first time that I had ever involved them in anything.

"I was pretty sure that they thought I was an accountant before this because their mom was Mary Poppins and in 'Jungle Cruise'. So she was off to a very biased start with our girls."

John recently revealed how his kids inspired 'IF'.

The actor - who wrote, produced and directed the film - observed that his kids "disappear into a magical world that we, as parents, aren’t allowed into".

Speaking to PEOPLE, John shared: "I said to Emily, ‘That would make an amazing movie.’"

John also recalled the COVID-19 pandemic being a turning point for his children.

He explained: "They started doing fewer imaginary games, and they started to let the real world in. They started asking bigger questions and then finally said, ‘Are we going to be okay?'

"I said to Emily, ‘That’s kind of the definition of growing up, isn’t it? When you let fear in?’ I thought, ‘I have to do this movie right now to show them that magical world they created, they can go back.'"