Kaley Cuoco learned not to "take [herself] seriously" after working with John Ritter

Kaley Cuoco learned not to "take herself seriously" after working with John Ritter on '8 Simple Rules in the early 200s.



Kaley Cuoco learned not to "take [herself] seriously" after working with John Ritter.

The late actor was starring alongside Kaley in the ABC sitcom '8 Simple Rules' when he had to leave rehearsals in September 2003 after experiencing a health emergency and suffered a fatal heart attack later that day at the age of 54 and 'Big Bang Theory' actress Kaley, 38, felt "really proud" to honour her on-screen dad at by speaking at the Evening From the Heart Gala for The John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health on Thursday (09.05.24) night.

She told People: "He touched a lot of lives. I will do anything for his wife and his kids. And I'm so really very proud to be here and honoring him. He was so funny, and he loved his fans. He was so good.

"I remember when we were shooting '8 Simple Rules', [he] used to tell me that he would mess up in front of the audience on purpose to make them laugh. "And I was like, 'No way!' "And then I would watch him mess up over and over when I knew he knew the scenes, and I took that with me for a long time."

"He didn't take himself seriously. And I feel like we need to get back to what that is not taking ourselves so seriously."

The 'Role Play' star - who played the role of Bridget Hennessey in '8 Simple Rules' - was joined by her on-screen mother Katey Sagal and on-screen sister Amy Davidson at the event and joked in her opening remarks that John would be "laughing" at them all in disbelief.

She said: "This is really awesome. I think John is laughing his a** off right now. He cannot believe we're here!"