Travis Kelce reveals childhood reason he’s ‘comfortable’ being in global spotlight

After he started making worldwide headlines thanks to his relationship with Taylor Swift, Super Bowl-winning NFL player Travis Kelce has revealed he’s “comfortable” with his newfound level of fame – and in front of the camera – due to shooting home videos as a kid.



Travis Kelce is “comfortable” being in the global spotlight.

The 34-year-old Kansas City Chiefs tight end started making worldwide headlines after his girlfriend Taylor Swift, 34, made their relationship public by turning up in September to support him at one of his NFL games, and he’s now said he is coping well with his newfound level if fame – thanks to home videos he shot as a child.

He told Extra as he talked about gearing up to host Prime Video’s ‘Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity?’ show: “I think it was all the home videos my mom used to have with the old camcorder, the handheld joint, at the house.

“I just always felt comfortable with the camera on me and the lights on me. Sure enough, I love a good challenge. I get excited for a challenge.”

Travis has said in a statement ahead of his new game show hosting job he “grew up loving” the format and is “excited to be following in the footsteps of so many TV icons”.

The Super Bowl winner previously starred in E!’s reality show ‘Catching Kelce’ and hosted Saturday Night Live in 2023, but admitted his new television role is “something that I haven’t done before”.

He does have hosting experience due to making his ‘New Heights’ podcast with his 36-year-old fellow NFL star brother Jason Kelce.

Travis also told Extra the former Philadelphia Eagles star’s support has been vital for his success on and off the field, adding: “It’s just been so, really, all throughout my life. It started as a young kid and really understanding the value of family and what it can do for you, and it injected confidence and excitement in my life and I've been so fortunate.

“I’ve been able to just follow his footsteps through life into the football world. And then, who knows what happens after that?”

Even though Travis is branching into TV, he said about his ongoing NFL Career: “I’m every bit as motivated to get back and win another Super Bowl. “That’ll always be my number one job until I retire.”