'Missing my lady': Tom Holland mourning the death of dog Tessa

Actor Tom Holland is mourning the death of his beloved family dog Tessa revealing they have planted a tree in the garden of his parents' home and scattered her ashes there.



Tom Holland is mourning the death of his beloved family dog Tessa.

The 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' star and his family adopted the Staffordshire Bull Terrier back in 2014 when the actor was still a teenager and living at home, and he's been left devastated by her passing.

He shared a picture of Tessa on his Instagram page and wrote: "Missing my lady." He then linked to a blog post by his dad Dominic, who revealed the family had planted a tree in Tessa's memory and scattered her ashes there.

Dominic explained: "Not so much an obituary - but more an insight into the final lap of the life of a remarkable little dog who had come to dominate my family - indeed, she was the only Holland who everyone loved all of the time."

Tom - who was 17 when the family adopted Tessa as a puppy - introduced her to fans at the time in an update on Instagram, writing: "I would like to introduce to everyone little Tess. The newest member of the family."

His parents Dominic and Nikki continued to care for Tessa after Tom moved out of the family home.

Tom was so devoted to Tessa, he even brought her along to a promotional event for his 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' movie. Speaking in 2017, he told Time magazine: "I love her, she is an angel. Staffies are considered to be very dangerous dogs, which is not true, is not the case. They are not aggressive. She is the sweetest, most angelic thing you'll ever meet.

"And yeah, I brought her along because I've always wanted to bring her to a press event."