Logan Lerman proposed to longtime love Analuisa Corrigan after Central Park row boat embarrassment: 'I was terrible at it'

Logan Lerman got down on one knee and proposed to Analuisa Corrigan with a dazzling diamond.



Logan Lerman proposed once his partner rowed them to a quiet part of Central Park - after he realised he is "terrible" at using an oar.

The 'Percy Jackson' star revealed last November he popped the question and now he has shared what went down when he asked his longtime artist girlfriend. Analuisa Corrigan, for her hand in marriage.

Logan, 32, recalled how people were "pointing and laughing" at him as he struggled to get to grips with rowing the little boat on the lake at the famous New York park after struggling to find privacy to ask the all-important question in the crowded city.

He told 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon': "I had no plan and when I got here, I realised I needed some privacy.

"There was no privacy in New York. So we ended up in Central Park. My fiancée pointed out the rowboats and I was like, 'Oh, let's do it.'"

Luckily, she was able to row them to a quiet spot before he got down on one knee.

He continued: "I was terrible at it.

"So she ended up rowing the boat. I'm just sitting back. I'm thinking, 'Oh God, now people are looking at us and pointing and laughing at me.'

"But finally, she rode us to a quiet part of the lake there and I popped the question.

"It was great. It went really well."