Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift had a 'lovely' Singapore trip

Travis Kelce had a "lovely" time in Singapore with Taylor Swift, with his highlight being a trip to the "world's largest greenhouse".



Travis Kelce had a "lovely" time in Singapore with Taylor Swift.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight-end travelled to Asia last week to support his 34-year-old girlfriend on her 'Eras' tour and not only did he get to see her in action during two "amazing" concerts, the couple also got to enjoy some downtime.

Speaking on his 'New Heights' podcast with brother Jason Kelce, he said: "I got to see two amazing shows of the 'Eras' tour.

"The last of the leg that Taylor has until she's back at it here in a couple of months.

"But yeah outside of that, got to get some lovely Singapore food and just catch the views.”

And, as a "big plant guy", Travis was particularly taken with one of his daytrips.

He enthused: “I got to check out the world’s largest greenhouse. How about that? It was [really] cool/They had the world’s, like, biggest waterfall in a greenhouse too. It was awesome, man. The way the whole thing was laid out.

“It was a very controlled space and everything was, like, blooming at the same time.

“It was so unique and so nice. It was hot in Singapore. 'Cause it was the slap dab middle of summer over there, so it’s 100 degrees outside and then you got to go into this chilly, like, 70-degree room where they're just pumping AC into these plants.

"It was so lovely to go in there just hang on that thing and see all the amazing plants."